EMS Providers in Europe

Electronics production by EMS provider

With our provider database, you can quickly and easily find suitable electronics manufacturing service companies (PCB assembly) in Europe for the production of your electronics. Our overview contains EMS service providers from all over Europe. The EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) companies listed in this directory cover all or many of the following EMS value-added services: development, design, material management, production (including SMD assembly, THT assembly, soldering process), testing, logistics and after-sales services.

The use of the website and the basic entry (for EMS providers) in our business directory are free of charge!

If you are looking for an EMS company in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you can use also our specialized directory (German language).


How to look for an EMS Provider?

We offer you four different options for finding EMS providers in Europe:


1. Simple Search

In the right-hand column, you will find a search field under the navigation menu. Here you can enter a keyword, which will then be searched for on the entire website. With this search you can quickly search e.g. for terms in the glossary or for the name of an EMS service provider (Electronics Manufacturing Services - PCB Assembly). The corresponding search results are displayed after pressing the return key or clicking on SEARCH.


2. Looking for an EMS Provider

Search for EMS providers with selection criteria

This search function is ideal if you are looking for an electronics manufacturing service provider with specific skills. To do this, click on "EMS Providers in Europe" in the main menu (top line). You will now be shown a multi-page list of all EMS service providers included in our directory. In the right column you will find a list with several selection criteria. Here you can select the aspects relevant to you for the individual criteria (via drop-down menu), such as industry specialisation, expertise, certifications, manufacturing technologies and range of services. Multiple criteria can be combined (e.g. industry and certification). After entering the criteria, start the search by clicking on "Search". By clicking on the company name in the list of results, detailed information on the respective company is displayed.


3. Text Search

Search EMS providers by keyword

On the "EMS Providers in Europe" page, you will find another search field in the right-hand column below the selection criteria. Here you can enter any keyword (e.g. location, industry, branch, specialisation,...), which will only be searched for in the EMS provider directory, but not in the other areas (e.g. EMS glossary). The corresponding search results are displayed after pressing the return key or clicking on SEARCH.


4. Map Search

EMS Providers nearbyTo find out if there is an EMS Provider (Electronics Manufacturing Services) in your area, please use the map search. Here you can enter a location and a distance (as the crow flies in km). Then all companies listed in our directory are displayed within the specified radius. Click on the red marker to see the respective company name. Below the map you will find a list of the companies.

There is a wide range of information on each EMS company, which is displayed when you click on the company name.


How to add an EMS Provider

If you know an EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) company and you would like to add it free of charge to our directory, please send the company name and website to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to register the company free of charge.


Advertising Options for EMS Providers

For EMS companies, we offer various options for advertising and for expanding the basic entry. In this way, you can draw the attention of potential customers to your company and make it stand out from the large number of providers. For more information please visit Advertising.

Suggestions for Improvement

We are constantly striving to expand and improve the information provided here and therefore welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvement. Please send these to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.