Is your company offering Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)? With an entry in this directory, you can address potential customers with minimal effort and free of charge. With the help of diverse search and selection criteria, electronics companies can quickly and easily find the ideal manufacturing partner for their respective project on this website. The site is used by already more than 1700 visitors (1300 unique visitors) per month. This website is therefore an ideal way to support your sales and marketing activities. 

One among many

According to our estimates, there are more than 2000 companies in Europe offering electronics manufacturing services. In order for potential prospects to become aware of your company, it is not enough for you to provide the required services in high quality. Many others can do that too.

You also need to proactive bring your company to the fore. How do you do that? Quite simply, with an extended company entry or banner advertising on this website. This allows you to put your company at the top of the search results, highlight important strengths and competences or visually draw attention to your company with the logo or an advertising banner.

Company entry

Company entries are only possible for companies that offer electronics manufacturing services in Europe and have one or more manufacturing locations here.

The basic entry in the provider directory is free of charge and already includes a lot of information. In addition to this free entry, we offer various options with which you can make it easier to contact your company and differentiate your presentation from the other entries. With a paid extension, you can make your company stand out from the crowd and significantly increase the chance of being found. In addition, we also offer conventional banner advertising (see below).

 Company Entry
Entry in the directory with website, address, services, industry specialization, certifications, technology competences, short description (400 characters free text), company facts. smile smile smile
Detailed presentation of specializations and competences
(1,500 characters free text)
  smile smile
Contact for inquiries (name, telephone, e-mail)   smile smile
Company logo (displayed next to the company name)   smile smile
Banner with logo and text; size about 220 x 120 px, right column
(in rotation, several thousand ad impressions per year)
  smile smile
Top listing (entry is displayed as "PROMOTED" in a different colour at the top of the lists)     smile
Costs per year (Euro)** free of charge
380 800

 * The "TOP" package is limited to a maximum of 10 providers.
** Prices do not include VAT.


Advantages of an extended company entry

  • TOP entries are usually visited up five times more often than standard entries
  • The banner included in the PLUS and TOP entry is displayed several thousand times a year
  • Particular specialisations and competences can be described in detail and are thus found more easily
  • Potential new customers have direct access via the contact details to your sales department


Banner Advertising

Banner Positionen 1018s

While company entries are only available to electronics manufacturing service providers from Europe who also have at least one or more manufacturing sites in the area, banner advertising is open to all companies.

Banner positions

A)  Upper area of the website, below main menu, max. 680 x 100 pixel (width x height)
B)  In the right column, lower position, max. 200 x 450 pixel (width x height)
C)  In the middle and bottom section of the website (2 positions for same banner), max. 680 x 100 pixel (width x height)


The banners are displayed on the entry page (Home) and on the sub-pages "MAP SEARCH" and "EMS GLOSSARY".

The banners can be used in jpg, gif and gif-animated formats. If possible, the banner file should not be larger than 50 kB. In addition, we can also include code for retrieving the banners from external servers. We can support you in the creation of the banner.


Run times and Prices

Banner Positions Size (Pixel) Run time
1 month
Run time
3 months
A) Below main menu 680 x 100 300 Euro 800 Euro
B) Right column below  200 x 450 200 Euro 500 Euro
C) Inside content (2x) 680 x 100 250 Euro 500 Euro

                  * Prices do not include VAT.
                    Longer run times and other positions on request.

A summary of our advertising options is available here for download (PDF).

Of course we also offer individual advertising possibilities, just ask us!


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