Looking for EMS Providers close to a specific Location

Search EMS providers nearbyWith the proximity search you can display all Electronic Contract Manufacturers in your vicinity. Simply enter your location (town) and a distance (as the crow flies in km). You will then see on the map below all service providers registered in our database for contract manufacturing of electronics within this radius. Below the map you will also find a list of the companies found.

Clicking on the markers in the map shows the name of the respective EMS contract manufacturer. Clicking on the rectangular marker behind the name of the manufacturing service provider in the list (far right) shows the position of the company in the map.

By clicking on the name of a company in the list, detailed information about the respective EMS provider can be retrieved, e.g. about the company, the services offered, specialisation, skills and certifications.

Please note that by using this function, personal data such as IP address, location and more may also be transmitted to external servers. By using this function, you allow this data to be passed on.




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