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56-120 Brzeg Dolny

Worldwide poduction sites: European Union (EU), Asia
Employees in Europe:
Employees worldwide: 1000 to 5000
Group Affiliation: HANZA Group - Sweden
Brief description:

HANZA is one of Northern Europe’s leading providers of Complete Manufacturing Services. Our head office is in Stockholm, Sweden, and we are further located in a number of cities in North, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as China. Though HANZA is a young company, we possess a grand history in our manufacturing units with high skills and experience from our nearly 2000 employees.


Company details

Services: Material Management, Prototypes/Small Series, High Volume Production, Test Design/Board Test, Unit Assembly, Unit Final Test, Logistics/Distribution
Industry specialisation: Consumer
Manufacturing skills: SMD, THT, Manual insertion, Press-in technology
Technology skills: High frequency technology
Certifications: Qualiy management ISO 9001
Year of foundation:
Employees in Europe:
Employees worldwide: 1000 to 5000
Manufacturing sites in Europe:
Manufacturing sites worldwide: European Union (EU), Asia
Share of own products in production: no own products

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aleje Jerozolimskie 38, 56-120, Brzeg Dolny, Wołowski, Dolnośląskie
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